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The Archery Club seeks to provide the affiliates of Columbia University with a safe and friendly environment to learn the sport while fostering a sense of community. As the club is non-competitive and unaffiliated with the team, we accept members of all skill levels, and strongly encourage those interested to join regardless of experience. We provide equipment for those members without their own archery gear and offer professional coaching for archers in safety, shooting form, and equipment maintenance. Additionally the club holds open practices where all members are welcome to come in and practice. To provide our archers with experience with archery competitions, the club aims attends several tournaments in the Spring semester in the collegiate and guest divisions. Please visit our website for information on upcoming practices, competitions, etc. and join our mailing list to stay update.

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To learn more about the Archery Club, please visit their website or contact the officers listed below. To join the club click here.


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