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Personal Training Registration

Thu, 11/17/2016 - 16:12 -- IAS

DFC members (18 years and older) can request a personal trainer. Ensure your Dodge Physical Fitness Center membership status is current. Direct inquiries to or call 212-854-4439.

All sessions are 50-min, unless otherwise noted.

Sessions can be paid for by credit card by calling 212-854-3439. Checks and exact cash are accepted in room 336, 9am-5pm, M-F. *All sessions must be paid for in advance.* Trainers are NOT obligated to conduct any session that has not been purchased.

• You must provide a 24-hour notice for any cancellations to avoid being charged for that session. • In order for us to provide you with the best service possible, we ask that you be prompt for your session(s). If you arrive more than 15 minutes late or do not cancel 24 hours prior to your scheduled meeting, your session will be considered “forfeited”. Trainers are not obligated to wait for or train late clients or to provide "make-ups" for missed sessions.


• Please inform us of any special considerations.

Sessions Expire! You must use your sessions BEFORE the expiration date. The client is responsible for keeping track of their package's expiration. :  1 session - 14 days from date of purchase.  5-pack - 2 months from date of purchase. 10-pack - 4 months from date of purchase.

Partner and Group Training Requests: The PTP does not facilitate the pairing of partners and group members. Please register with a partner or group members that you have chosen. All participants must be DFC members. Each participant must submit a separate registration form.

First and Last
Please choose your PRIMARY affiliation
Trainer bios are available at We cannot guarantee availability.
The more availability you have the easier it may be for us to assign a trainer. Keep in mind that early mornings, lunchtime, and after work hours tend to fill up fast!
If you are registering for partner or group training, each participant must submit their own separate registration form.
Any type of training can be made 30-minutes (Except for Fitness Testing, Squash and Body Fat Testing. Body Fat Tests typically take 15-20 minutes).
(i.e. intermediate, advanced, no experience, etc)
(i.e. reduce body fat, build muscle, etc.)
( i.e. How long ago? How frequently? What results did you achieve?)
Type, frequency, duration, and intensity of physical activity. For example, 2 days per week of light jogging and 3 days or moderate intensity weight training. Weekly gardening.

The Columbia University Personal Training Program classes provide vigorous recreational exercise; prior exercise is presumed. If you are new to exercise or have any doubts as to your readiness to participate in an activity, you should consult your physician, the Program Director and/or your trainer. Like any activity, exercise has its risks. While trainers are intent upon preventing and minimizing the chances of these problems occurring, primary responsibility for your safe participation remains with you. Once in a session, if you experience pain, discomfort, or anxiety, stop exercising and consult with your trainer or Program Director. Any questions which may have occurred to me have been answered to my satisfaction. I understand that all information collected regarding my participation in this program will be held in strict confidence by the Physical Education staff.

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