Pod Reservation

Physical Education and Recreation (PEREC) is here to support your self-care efforts through physical activity. Please help us keep the Dodge Fitness Center open for you and others by following all regulations below.  The Dodge Fitness Center access is temporarily restricted only to eligible Morningside students and Faculty & Staff with valid Dodge Fitness Center Membership. To make a reservation, please follow the instructions below.  


Please check your eligibility, additionally:

All members are required to fulfill the REQUIRED PROTOCOL FOR RETURNING TO CAMPUS, including obtaining your daily Green Pass using the ReopenCU App.

  • meet your COVID-19 gateway testing and/or quarantine requirements
  • complete daily self-symptom check
  • obtain your daily Green Pass using the ReopenCU App
  • All eligible members must reserve an exercise pod prior to arriving at the Dodge Fitness Center. 
  • Pod reservation allows you to schedule and plan your visit.  For example, the Blue-01 pod, located in the “Blue” University Gym, includes a Recumbent Bike.
  • Pods are reserved for one hour, however, this includes the time needed to check-in and clean your equipment before and after use.
  • Pods can be reserved once every 24 hours.  Eligible students can reserve up to 72 hours in advance.  
  • No walk-in use of Dodge Fitness Center will be permitted. 

To cancel your reservation just log back in at the reservation portal  Under My Account select Cancellations.  Click on the checked box next to the reservation you'd like to cancel and Proceed to Checkout.  Enter your phone number and click Continue.

  • Make sure to wear an approved face covering and practice physical distancing.
  • Arrive a couple of minutes early and dressed to workout.
  • You must bring your CUID. Otherwise, you will not be allowed into the gym.
  • Pool users must come dressed ready to swim as locker rooms are still closed. 

Check-in at the front desk:

  • Show your Green Pass for the day using the Reopen CU App.
  • State your name and pod reservation number (this will be emailed to you upon successful pod reservation)
  • Scan your CUID card and proceed to your reserved pod.
  • While at the Dodge Fitness Center wear an approved face covering at all times. The following face coverings are
    • Bandanas
    • Gaiters and Buffs
    • Masks with exhalation valves
  • Maintain 6 feet of physical distance from others. 
  • Abide by all posted regulations and directional signage, including one directional stairways. 
  • Members may only use the equipment in their assigned pod and in the designated Strength Areas. There can be no sharing of equipment. 
  • Utilize hand sanitizer stations located throughout the facility before and after touching surfaces. 
  • Disinfect equipment before and after use using the provided microfiber cloth and cleaning liquids supplied.
  • Locker rooms will not be available for storage or change of clothing. Locker rooms will only be available for bathroom use. 
  • Pool users must use rinse showers located in Pool Locker Rooms before and after using the pool. 
  • At the end of your reservation deposit your used microfiber cloth in the laundry bin at the area monitor desk, check out with the monitor, and proceed to the exit.
  • All members are expected to promptly exit the facility at the end of their reservation. No loitering in the facility will be permitted.
  • Your CUID. 
  • Your smartphone or other device displaying your Green Pass using the Reopen CU App
  • An approved face covering. 
  • Bring a reusable water bottle. Water fountains will only serve as refill stations.  
  • You can bring your own equipment, but do not share it and make sure to take it with you when you leave.  Also, make sure that the equipment you intend to bring can be used within your reserved pod space.  
  • Come dressed for your workout or your swim.  Locker rooms are closed for changing of clothes, showering, and storage. Pool showers are only available for rinsing off before/after pool usage. 
  • Please bring your own towel if you need one, but note that showers are temporarily closed.
  • Towel service
  • Locker-rooms are closed for changing of clothes and locker storage.
  • Basketball Courts
  • Sauna
  • Showers
  • Aerobics Rooms 3 (Group Fitness)
  • Equipment checkout 
  • Drinking fountains (except for bottle refill stations)
  • Guest passes