Premium End of Summer Session

An exclusive three-week program with some of our top instructors

Monday, August 10th - Friday, August 28th, 2020


* Please note that paid programming and Free Well-being are separate programs
with separate passwords and require separate registration. 

To access each class click on the class link embedded in the schedule above. You will need to enter the program password. The password is located on your registration confirmation. 

Set your screen name to your actual first and last name. We will be checking registration. If it appears you are not registered, you will be removed from the class.

Classes will be locked after 5 minutes. Please be prompt.

Please review our policy page prior to purchasing.

Schedule is subject to change. No refunds. 

Class Descriptions

Body Sculpt   Non-cardio workout to strengthen and firm the whole body using weights, resistance bands and body bars.

Core Sculpt  Combination class including light body sculpting exercises with Pilates-style mat work to strengthen and lengthen the entire body.

Pilates   Classic Pilates mat exercises designed to strengthen and lengthen the “core” (abdominals, back and hips). Emphasis on proper breathing and alignment.


Iyengar Yoga   Hatha yoga taught with the Iyengar teaching method.  Focus on alignment and precision in the yoga positions with the use of props. Intermediate level requires at least one year of Iyengar Yoga experience.

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