Columbia | Physical Education & Recreation

at The Dodge Fitness Center



Physical Education is a graduation requirement  for Columbia College and Engineering students at Columbia University.     


Requirement Waiver Due to Medical Condition

  • Students who request to have their swim test or physical education activities limited or waived because of a medical condition should contact Jeff Ryder, Director of Physical Education and Recreation.
  • In some situations, students may require an evaluation by a clinician at health Services at Columbia in order to receive a waiver. In consultation with the Director of Physical Education, students may be instructed to contact Dr. Melanie Bernitz, Associate Vice President and Medical Director, Columbia Health , who facilitates these evaluations.
  • The deadline to seek a medical waiver is Friday, March 8, 2019.

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Perks of Completing the Requirement Early

  • Students who have completed their Physical Education requirements prior to their final semester will receive a Columbia PE shirt celebrating the requirement completion!

  • To receive the shirts, please come by the PHED office between 9am and 5pm and show a copy of your DARS indicating completion of the PHED requirement.

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