Frequently Asked Questions


When will the Dodge Fitness Center reopen?
With health and safety as our foremost priority, we are working on guidelines and timelines to reopen the Dodge Fitness Center.  We miss our members and hope to see everyone soon!

How can I pick up my belongings from my overnight locker that expired in Spring2020/Summer2020?
At the time the Dodge Fitness Center is closed.  However, arrangements may be made for spring and summer 2020 members to pick up their belongings.  Please email to make pick up arrangements.  We intend to keep your belongings until the Dodge Fitness Center reopens.  Then we will communicate new timelines and accommodation options for locker content pick up.  

What does my membership at Dodge Fitness Center include?

See all membership benefits and amenities

I'm a student, how do I know if I have a membership?

Morningside Campus students who pay University Facility, Student Life, or College Fees in their term bill are automatically members of the Dodge Fitness Center (undergraduate students, Teacher's College, Barnard, some graduate students).

Please check your SSOL account to determine your membership status.  Please note: towel and locker service is not included with students' tuition fees. Please see a Membership Office staff member to buy towel and locker service. 

If you have trouble with swipe access, please, bring a copy of your current tuition bill to the Membership Office.  

Who is eligible for Dodge Fitness Center membership?

Visit our eligibility page for a list of guidelines

I'm eligible! How can I join the Dodge Fitness Center?

To join online, visit our prices page. To join in person stop by the Membership Office located in the Dodge Fitness Center 4th floor lobby during the Membership Office hours. Please bring all required documents and identifications. 

How do I rent an overnight locker?

You can rent an overnight locker at the Membership Office or online.

When does my overnight locker expire?

Your locker expiration date is determined at the time of your locker purchase.

I purchased a locker. Where do I get a towel and a key to my daily locker?

Towels and daily locker keys may be borrowed at the Equipment Desk, located on the 4th floor (prior to the running track). To borrow a towel and a daily locker key, please scan your ID at the Equipment Desk scanner. Used towels should be placed in the bins outside of the locker rooms. Daily locker keys must be checked back in to the equipment room at the end of your workout.

I am an American Language Program (ALP) student. How I can get a membership?

Please, visit the Membership Office with your current Columbia University student ID card to pay the DFC Access Fee. An additional charge will apply if you need a locker.

Can alumni join?

Yes, memberships are available for alumni and their qualified family members.  To sign up please stop by the Membership Office and present a document confirming your year of graduation (diploma, a photograph of your diploma, or transcript).  

Can my family members join?

Eligible family members include spouse/domestic partner and children, ages 6 to 26. Children under the age of 16 are not allowed in the Tri-level fitness area and must be accompanied by an adult at all times throughout the building.  

To purchase a family membership 1) bring proof of marriage or common residence (marriage certificate, utility bill, personal check, driver's license, etc.) 2) primary member must have a membership; 3)  bring state issued ID cards; 4)  The Membership Office will issue a DFC CU ID card; 5) Sign the Release of Liability Form

I am a Columbia University Retiree. Are there discounts?

Yes! Columbia University Retirees receive a 50% discount on their basic membership. The basic membership includes daily locker and a towel service. Please make sure to bring your Retiree CU ID card to the Membership Office at the time of registration.

How do I bring a guest?

CU Students' guests pay $10 per day; other's guests pay $15 per day. The guest pass expires at the closing time of the same day when it was purchased. 

Dodge Fitness Center members may invite up to two guests per day. All guests must have a photo ID card. 

All non-student members must be at least 18 years old when hosting the guest(s).  

Children under the age of 16 are not allowed to enter the Tri-level fitness area and must be accompanied by an adult throughout the rest of the building.

Guest(s) may use the locker-rooms and borrow the daily locker key/s and a towel/s. 

All guest(s) must be accompanied by the sponsoring member at all times. The sponsoring member will be responsible for the guest’s actions while at the Dodge Fitness Center. 

All Guests/Sponsors must complete and sign the Release of Liability Form. Guests under 18 years of age must submit the Waiver for Minors signed by their parent or guardian.  

My ID card does not provide me access to the DFC. What should I do?

Please visit the Membership Office and talk to one of our membership representatives. Students might be asked to present a term bill to verify charges of University Facility, Student Life or College Fees. 

My insurance can reimburse me for fitness center memberships. Whom do I contact?

Please check with your health benefits adviser for reimbursement requirements. We will support you with a print-out of your visits and receipts. Please, always make sure to scan your ID card at the turnstile entrance. 

How can I save time and money at Dodge Fitness Center?

Purchase your membership for more than one term.

Mark your calendar with your locker rental end dates. To avoid retrieval fees, please renew or empty lockers on time.

Some health plans will issue a generous refund for fitness facility membership fees.