Ballroom Dance

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Two members of Columbia's Ballroom Dance club perform for a competition.

The Columbia University Ballroom Dance Club is the premier ballroom dance organization on Columbia’s campus, and we do everything we can to support members in their dance journeys. We offer classes and workshops, practice space, a one-on-one mentorship program, and the opportunity to compete; we also host the annual Big Apple Dancesport Challenge, one of the largest and most prominent collegiate competitions on the East Coast. We are a fun-loving, social group that welcomes all new members — no partner or prior dance experience necessary to join! We believe that anyone, at any age or level of experience, can easily pick up and fall in love with ballroom dance. Our mission is to promote ballroom as an exciting competitive art form, an outlet for creative expression, and a gateway to an amazing dance community.

To learn more about the Ballroom Dance Club, please visit their website or contact one of the officers listed below.